Occasionally videos don’t render properly.  Here are some easy ways to avoid rendering issues:


  1. Make sure the privacy or sharing settings of the video are open to the public.  Vimeo, Youtube, and Dropbox all have “private” and “public” options in their video privacy settings.  In order to import a video into Studeo, they must be set to “public.”  With Google Drive, ensure your share settings are set to “anyone with the link can view.”
  2. File size can be another reason why your video is not processing correctly. Videos imported from Google Drive must be under 100MB.  There are no set restrictions with Vimeo, Youtube and Dropbox, but larger files can take longer or may experience interruptions when importing that cause errors.  If you need a reduced-size version of your video, please contact your photographer or videographer and try again.


If you are still having difficulties with video processing, please contact us for assistance.

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