It’s important to always use high quality images when creating your storybooks. Your photos shouldn’t just be beautiful, they have to be the right size. Larger files with more pixels hold more detail, and will look great even after they are manipulated and printed.

Please submit images that are about 1-2 MB each (or the high res print photos if unavailable) because they load much faster in your slideshows. Your photographer will most likely have web-sized images already prepared for you. If not, try to not use images over 5MB, as that may slow load times or cause rendering issues.

For more info about submitting media assets, please read this article.


Determining File Size 

Windows PC:

    1. Locate your file.
    2. Right-click your file and select properties.
    3. You can find the file size on the general tab.



On a Mac:

    1. Locate your file in the finder.
    2. Select your file by clicking on it.
    3. Press the and I keys on your keyboard at the same time to launch the info window, or right-click and click “get info”
    4. You can find your file size under the “General” tab


These are some other ways to see the file size, depending on your folder view settings.





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