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Now that you’ve submitted your storybook, here you can learn about various post-purchase features, including:

  • reviewing your purchased projects
  • After creating your project and completing Step 3, The URL chosen in Step 1 will host your storybook! Please note that the rendering process takes 5-10 minutes, with longer storybooks & those with several videos or slideshows may take slightly longer.

    Once your storybook has finished loading, your project link will be sent to you via email. Simply click the link, or copy and paste, and it will direct you to your storybook.

    Your storybook link can also be found in the “Purchased Projects” page, which can be found on the left menu. In “Purchased Projects”, you will see a list of Orders. Go to the project you would like the link for and open the blue drop-down menu, “Project Options”. From there, select “Branded Digital Storybook” or “Unbranded Digital Storybook ” to get taken to the branded or unbranded link.

  • duplicating projects
  • The option to clone a submitted projects is ideal for when you only want to make a few changes to an existing storybook and still keep an original copy. This way you’ll have the original and the cloned version.

    To clone your storybook, go to your “Purchased Projects” page, which can be found in the menu on the left. On the right of each project there is a blue button labelled “Project Options”, select this and a drop down menu will appear. In the drop down menu, select “Clone Project”. In a few minutes you will have a copy of the original storybook in the “In progress projects” page.

  • sharing and embedding
  • Storybooks are meant to be shared around online, and are easy to post to any social media account!

    To share on websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, simply provide the link to the branded storybook in the text entry box, and add in any other text you’d like in the post.

    To share the book via email, you can head to the “Embed Code” option under the blue drop-down menu in “Purchased Projects” next to the book you’d like to share.

    From there, follow the on-screen sharing instructions for MailChimp campaigns or other emails as well as on your website. Be sure to use Command/Control + C to copy, rather than right-clicking on the image.

    For sharing via sites such as Instagram that lack a text entry submission method, you can use the Loom extension on Google Chrome, or a screenshot/screen-capture video to post the book, and provide a link to your listings in your user bio.

    Pinterest can be done with a screenshot or screen-capture as well, and you can add a link to the post that will take users direct to the storybook online!

  • analyzing your data
  • We have a built in system for capturing hits, audience location and devices, along with other information for you to use to guide your design and success with storybooks.

    In order to see the info for a storybook, click the “Analytics” link on the left of the home dashboard page. From there, you’ll see a grid of all your storybooks published to date. As well, there is the option to grab a more sharing friendly link, one that does not require the viewer to be logged into your account with Studeo.

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