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Step 2 is where the creative process begins with storybooks! Each image slot on a page can house an image, and the ones with the small magic wand icons are able to host your interactive media (slideshows, videos, cinemagraphs, etc.), once an image is in place. To get a file in place, simply drag and drop from your computer into the image area, or click the “choose image” button to upload an image.

Once you have an image in a slot, you can make that slot house an interactive feature (as long as you see the magic wand in the corner). Choose the type of media you would like from the menu, and follow the instructions on screen to get it in place.

The text areas that have a blue dashed underline are able to be edited, but for a demo, you can skip past editing the text for now.

You can also edit the flow and layout of your storybooks, using the options in the “edit template” drop-down menu in step 2 of the design wizard. Add, remove, re-organize and alter the layout of each page to your taste!

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