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The Dashboard, or home page is where you’ll land after login, and where you can always return to in order to navigate to the other menus and areas of Studeo! Clicking the studeo logo or “My Studeo” at any time will take you right back to the Dashboard.

To add in or to update your contact information and branding displayed on the back page of your storybooks, including logos and headshot graphics, are saved in your account profile. To make an update, go to the main Studeo dashboard and click “My Profile” from the left-hand menu. Make sure any changes you make are saved (click the “save” button located on the lower right side of the “My Profile” page).

If you are an admin, you have the ability to change the contact information connected to the other users within your account. To update their information, click “Users” and then click on their user ID. This will provide you access to their “My Profile” sections of their account.

If your account has profiles turned on, you can also add, change or remove profiles by clicking “User Profiles” from the left-hand menu.

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