If your gallery hasn’t imported within 15 minutes of starting, check the following requirements to ensure your folder was set up correctly.


  1.  Make sure the share link is correct.  
    1. It must be a share link from either Google Drive or Dropbox
    2. Do not copy and paste the URL to your folder.  Instead, you must go to “share” from the folder options and click “copy link”. In Google Drive, you can access this by clicking the small arrow next to the folder name and then clicking “Share”. Make sure your Google Drive share settings are set to “anyone on the internet can view.” For Dropbox, you’ll need to click the “Share” button at the top left corner and then click “copy link”.  


  1. The folder must contain ONLY image files; no video (like an mp4), PDF files or txt files can be imported.  If any file type outside of JPG or PNG is included in the folder, the import will fail.  Media like video or Matterport can be added to your Studeo storybook directly in the project wizard.
  2. Try to keep the total file size of your folder to under 300MB and keep your image count to under 100 files if you are importing Google Drive.  If you need to import more than 100 files, Dropbox will give you more flexibility, but please expect the import time to take a bit longer.
  3. Keep image files roughly to 1-2MB in size.  Lower than 1MB might cause some fuzziness in rendering and over 10MB can cause time-out issues.


If all of the above requirements are correct and the import still didn’t work, contact us for assistance.

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