You may see when you load a storybook that an image is visible for a second before the media of choice loads (video, cinemagraph, 3D tour, etc.). Because media takes a second or so to load, a base image will always be required to appear first.  In order to ensure there is a seamless transition, our recommendation is to take a screenshot of your media and place that into your storybook as the first image.  If you do this, the image you see while the media is loading will match the corresponding media perfectly. 

How do I create a screenshot?

For cinemagraphs and video, play the video in full screen mode.  Then do a full screen capture either using the keyboard button or Windows key + Shift + S (if you are on a PC), or by pressing Command + Shift + 4 (if you are on a Mac).  You may need to drag the screenshot onto your desktop if you have not set up your machine to save the image to a particular folder. Find the screenshot on your computer (usually your desktop) and drag and drop that image into your storybook (alternatively you can click the “choose image” button and then click “add image to project gallery”).  For 3D tours, either capture the first view of the tour or go into the dollhouse view and capture the 3D rendering positioned centred on the screen.  Take a screenshot, save it and place it in your storybook.  Once the screenshot is in place, rollover the image and select “add interactivity”.  From there, insert the corresponding media.

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