We currently integrate the following types of 3D tours: 

  • Matterport
  • iguide 
  • Zillow 3D Tour 
  • Immoviewer
  • Asteroom
  • Ricoh 3D Tours


To add a 3D tour to your project, first make sure an image is loaded into the image slot. We recommend inserting a screenshot of your 3D tour as your first image.  When you hover over the image again, you can then click the “add interactivity” button.  Select the “3D” option and paste in the URL of your tour.  If you need an example of the format of the URL that we accept, simply hover on the 3D tour option and an example will display at the bottom of the window.  Click the checkmark in the top right corner to save.


Please note that we currently cannot integrate 3rd party websites or non-3D virtual tours.  If you have a 3D tour in a format that is not currently listed, please contact us for assistance.

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