If you have made an update to your project but do not see the changes rendered on your storybook, check the following:

  1. Making changes to the project wizard won’t automatically update the live storybook.  To see your changes live, you must republish your storybook with the changes.  Go to Step 3 and click “Update Digital Storybook Content” or “Publish”.  You will receive an email when the republishing process is complete (it can take 10 – 15 minutes, depending on the length of your storybook and the amount of inserted media).

  2. If you have already viewed your live storybook before, whether on desktop or mobile, your storybook has been cached by your browser.  In order to see the update you will need to clear your cache and refresh (you do not need to clear cookies, only cached images and files)

Not sure how to clear your cache?  Common Browser and Device Cache Clearing How-To’s:

Google Chrome

If your update is still not working, please contact us for assistance.

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