Storybooks are meant to be shared around online, and are easy to post to any social media account!

To share on websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, simply provide the link to the branded storybook in the text entry box, and add in any other text you’d like in the post.

To share the book via email, you can head to the “Embed Code” option under the blue drop-down menu in “Published Projects” next to the book you’d like to share. From there, follow the on-screen sharing instructions for Mailchimp campaigns or other emails. Be sure to use Command/Control + C to copy, rather than right-clicking on the text/image.

For sharing via sites such as Instagram that lack a text entry submission method, you can use the Loom extension on Google Chrome, or take a quick screenshot or screen-capture video to post the book, and provide a link to your listings in your user bio.

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