Your photos MUST be in JPEG format, which is also known as JPG.

All PNG, TIFF, and PDF files must be converted to JPEGs.

  • You can do this by opening the file in any image viewing / editing program and “Saving As” a JPEG.

For information about determining file sizes, please read this article.


Videos / Cinemagraphs

For all video and cinemagraph content, please provide either MP4 or MOV file formats, uploaded to Dropbox or Google Drive, set so that Anyone with the link can view and/or download the file.

If your videographer has already uploaded your footage to Vimeo or YouTube, you may send us that link, or the associated share link.

For more information about submitting media assets, please read this article.


3D Tours

Our interactive storybooks work best with Matterport tours, as they are the most responsive in terms of interactivity.  We also accept links to other 360 tours, including iGuide, Immoviewer, Zillow3D Tour or Asteroom. We simply need the link to the Matterport Tour (or other tour) in the media assets page.

If your 3D Tour is not one of the 5 supported services, please reach out via Contact Us to see if we can help.

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