Studeo Release Notes – Interactivity Improved!

June 25, 2021

June 25, 2021

Geoff Langford

Welcome, Storytellers!

We’ve been hard at work here at Studeo! To find out what’s been changing and improving on our platform, check out the update notes below. Be sure to try out the latest and greatest features on your next project!

In this update, we:

  • Removed the base image requirement for the Build-Your-Own Storybooks
  • Added in interactivity to all image spaces in the Build-Your-Own Storybooks
  • Squashed some bugs

No More Base Images Needed!

The biggest change this week is a popular request: the base image requirement on our Build-Your-Own storybooks is no longer in place!

Previously, you had to place an image in an interactive slot in order to get access to the interactive feature options, but now you can skip that step!

This means when you’re making a storybook, you can drop in your 3D Tours, Videos, Cinemagraphs, Maps & Slideshows and we will automatically create an image for that slot based on your media. If you’d still like to use your own images afterwards, no worries! The image in each slot can still updated, cropped or changed as much as you need.

On our print-capable templates, base images are still required in order to ensure that you get a clean and crisp print file every time. But in the digital versions of the print-capable templates, you’ll no longer see the base image load in before your interactive features, which provides a smoother loading experience on each page.

Extra Interactivity!

Along with removing the need for base images, another update to our Build-Your-Own Storybooks; All image slots are now interactive! Before now, you could only put in one interactive feature into each page of your storybook, even if the layout you chose had more than one image slot. Now, with this update, you’re able to put in multiple interactive features onto a page!

We recommend you don’t use more than one Video, 3D tour or Slideshow per-page, so that you can keep your audience engaged, without being overwhelmed.

Great combinations we recommend are:

  • Google Maps and Google Street-view
  • Your Video Call-To-Action and a Hyperlink
  • A Lifestyle Cinemagraph and a 3D Tour

Thanks for reading!

We’re always excited to see what you’ll create next. If you have any questions about how you can use these updates, we are available to help in-app or by email at!

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