📖 Studeo Monthly Update – November 2021

November 2, 2021

November 2, 2021

Geoff Langford

A Summary of What’s Happened Behind the Scenes this Month!

Welcome, Storytellers! 📚

As we continue through the Fall, here at Studeo we have been hard at work building out more great features to help you dominate your local market!

Some new things we just launched 🎊:

New Feature: Autoplay settings for Videos!
Our newest feature is the ability to set your videos to autoplay in your storybooks! You’ll be able to set the autoplay option for each video you place in your project allowing you choose which videos will play when the page is turned, and which ones require a click to play.

Please note, following best practices for all websites and services, video autoplay will not work on the mobile version.

Looking into the future 🔭

We’re working hard to bring these new products and upgrades to you soon:

  • A brand new, faster and more modern mobile experience for storybooks
  • The ability to update your brand colors and fonts from within your account
  • The launch of the Studeo “Shelf”, a new way to consolidate all your storybooks into a single, embeddable page

In Case you Missed it… 👀

A quick re-cap of whats been released recently:

  • An upgrade to our Help & Support hub, making it faster and more comprehensive
  • New page layouts for the “Build-Your-Own” storybooks and presentations
  • A new pre-made Digital storybook template, available upon request, to help sellers learn about your buyers (subject to market regulations)

    Thanks for reading! 😀

    We’re always excited to see what you’ll create next. If you have any questions about the features and changes mentioned in this update, or anything else, we are available to help via in-app chat or by email at customercare@studeohq.com

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