📖 Studeo Monthly Chapter – September 2021

September 3, 2021

September 3, 2021

Geoff Langford

A Summary of What’s Happened Behind the Scenes this Month!

Welcome, Storytellers! 📚

As we enter the busy Fall market, here at Studeo we have been hard at work building out more great features to help you win more listings!

Some new things we’ve been working on, up and running now 🎊:

  • New layout options for the “Build-Your-Own” Storybook templates
  • New stock cinemagraphs showing off the lifestyle of coastal & cottage living
  • A security upgrade and new articles for the Help & Support hub

This month, we’d also like to share a great example of storytelling for more than just active listings.

Take a look for yourself at this link: wynwood25miami.studeodigital.com

Looking into the future 🔭

  • A smoother and better optimized mobile experience
  • More control over your branding and how you style your storybooks
  • A brand-new way to show off, curate and share your storybooks around the web

In Case you Missed it… 👀

A quick re-cap of everything new that’s already been released this summer:

  • A new “Build-Your-Own” template, to help create a personal connection to the seller, from your buyers
  • Removed the requirement for Base Images on our “Build-Your-Own” Templates
  • Added interactivity to each image space in our “Build-Your-Own” Templates

    Thanks for reading! 😀

    We’re always excited to see what you’ll create next. If you have any questions about features listing in this update, or anything else, we are available to help via in-app chat or by email at customercare@studeohq.com

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